Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shoes


Have you ever heard the song ''Christmas Shoes''? Have you ever seen the Movie? I shall never forget the first time I heard that song when it first came out 4 years ago. (when my Father had cancer.) I shall never forget the tears that filled my eyes. Last year we got the movie while on vacation. Before my Father gave it to me he told me he should have gotten a box of Kleenex to go with it. Well he was right (like always). On the way home everyone was asleep (dad and mom were awake of course) so mom turned it on for me. I was seated next to Wesley so I grabbed his spit up rag (that didn't have any spit up on it) I needed something to dry my tears. At this point I really did need a box of Kleenex. After the movie was over dad looks back at me and starts to laugh. He told me he looked back and all he saw was tears pouring down my face. The whole point to this story is this movie is the best movie. So if you haven't seen the movie or heard the song you should. It will make you think and appreciate the ones you love. It will also make you ask yourself where are you going.......when your time is up and what did you do with your time while here? Which in the end is all that really today as if it's your last!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful List....

5 MORE things I'm thankful for......

1. For family vacations and time together as a family.

2. For our neighbor Andrew coming home safely from boot camp.

3. Thankful that each year we get to spend time with family on holidays.

4. My cousins Brian and John, I have so many great memories with them.

5. For history books, I really enjoy American and World history.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thankful List

5 Things I'm thankful for......

This list is all about the many things I'm thankful about with my great-grandmother Nonnie.

1. She's loving and so thoughtful.

2. She knits me some really cool hats, I love hats!

3. She is very wise, and tells me lots of stories about her childhood.

4. She is so funny, and at times we forget she is 88.

5. Most of all I'm thankful she is my grandmother, and I love her so much!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful List

5 MORE things I'm thankful for....

1. For missionaries who leave the comforts of America to go and preach the good news of the God all over the world.

2. My brother William his face shines and is heart lights up a room.

3. The home God has blessed us with.

4. That my mother is a good cook.

5. My baby brother Wesley, you can already see the Lord in him by the way he loves on our brothers if they are upset or hurt.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful List

5 MORE things I'm thankful for.......

1. My brother James, he has such a tender heart and loves animals like I do

2. Our military troops

3. For the friend God has placed in my life

4. My brother Stephen, he always thinks of others before himself

5. Our church family

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful list......

5 "MORE" things I'm thankful for......

1. My brother Madison is so kind and never complains, he's a great example to the little brothers

2. Great Doggie Doos our family business

3. My health

4. Hebrews helps keep me focused

5. I'm so thankful that God placed Jonathan in our family and made me his older sister. I'm thankful I can help care for him and be his encourager.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful list...

5 things I'm thankful for.....

1. Knowing the Lord as my savior

2. Being raised in a Christian home

3. I love to see my parents relationship and that after 19 years they are still best friends and in love with each other

4. For my older sister Elizabeth helping me when I'm at a place that I need encouragement and some direction

5. For my little sister Rebekah always giving me a good laugh...even when we aren't seeing things eye to eye.....I am taller...LOL!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HOT to COLD!!!

Hello, today is one of the days I wish I was at the Beach. What a bad time to go to Florida, I mean to tease us with that hot weather. Then bring us back to 10 below 0!! Okay maybe its not that cold but it is rather cold. As my sister Elizabeth would say "its El Free o". That it is. But then I think how thankful I should be, I mean I do have warm clothes to wear, and I do have a warm house to live in.I guess what most of you are thinking (That spoiled brat not even thankful for what she has.) But I am thankful. I have so much to be thankful for. From now till Thanksgiving I will make it a point to write 5 things a day. I also here by give YOU a Challenge to write 5 things you are thankful for, lets see who can go without missing a day. Well I hope you are up for the challenge, cause the challenge may get the best of me...LOL!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Friends that no one can see


Just so everyone knows we are all doing well at the Munck house. Madison, James & I were walking dogs tonight & James asked me something that at the time I thought was silly yet came out to make me think about something good.

James; Who are you talking to?

Me; My friend.

James; Who is you're friend?

Me; what do you mean who is my friend? Can you not see him?

James; No. Wait a minuet is this one of those friends you can't see.

Me; Yes it is.

James: you mean you have one of those friends too?

Me; yes I do.

Madison; what, what are we talking about. Are we talking about Jame's friend Bobbie the box turtle?

James; Yes Madison what about your friend Mr. Slurpie?

Madison; No James he's Dead.
James; What about the Baker under your bed?
Madison; No James he's Real!

I thought this was so funny. If you have not seen the movie rocket man you should. That is a Munck Favorite. We got together this September with Dad's side of the family & the whole weekend we were quoting lines from that movie. Well one thing I got to thinking about was how little kids have friends we can not see. But do we ever think about the faith they have? How they can believe in something they can not see. I got to thinking about how we (I) should talk to the Lord the way James talks to Bobbie the box turtle. Ask your self do you ever catch you're self talking to the Lord? Not even when you're alone but when you're around people? Well I just thought I'd give you something to think about.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Oct. 12th

The boys making there cakes.
The Pooch aka Cookie
The big game.
The missing tooth.


I will try to Blog everyday this week, because My Mother & 1 of my sisters are in Nicaragua. So I'm letting them know how our days are going. Today I got up at 6:45 and Dad & I went to Walmart to pick up some things. On the way we got to see 2 deer & 8 deer on the way home. We had leftover Pancakes for breakfast, then on to walk the 21 dogs that were Boarding. We brought Cookie home for a day of FUN!!!! When we got home Dad read all of us a bible story about Joseph 10:20. We were out the door & on the Golf cart for a Adventure. Can you believe we squeezed 8 kids & a pooch on a golf cart that seats 4. We were all on & had no elbow room to call our own, lol. We had to pull the boys off just for them to eat lunch. But if you know Rebekah she had something up her sleeve. She had made little cakes for them to decorate that was very messy. But like I said if you only knew Rebekah she got it all cleaned up. Then back on the Golf Cart, Only by now we were 10 kids & a pooch on a Golf Cart. We picked up the neighbor & his Friend. Now to find out Dad invited 1 of our family friends over who was wifeless also. His wife & 2 girls were on a little girls trip out. So the 2 wifeless men were sitting by the fire that dad cranked up. So all of us (the Muncks & good friend Richard King.) All sitting by the fire roasting some hot dogs, then Mr. Richard took his turn at the wheel. So now we had 8 kids 1 crazy driver and a pooch on the Golf Cart!!! (Just to remind you this golf cart SHOULD only seat 4.) We all got off safely, & to end 1 of the best days we played some badminton. Also at 7:45pm as Stephen was flossing,he lost his tooth. But the tooth fairy could not come Because it was to late, so Stephen is eager to put his tooth under his pillow tomorrow. I am tired and it is late so please excuse the spelling I hope you enjoy looking at These pix from today.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Stephen what a mess he can be sometimes. Today Stephen came to the store, he has been begging to. When he got here he, Jonathan, & I took the dogs outside, and Stephen asked me one thing that was hard for me to answer.

Stephen; Mandie Pandie is it Sunday?

Me; No, yesterday was Sunday.

Stephen; Well what day is it?

Me; Monday.

Stephen; Well the Sun is out today.

Me; Well that dose not mean today is Sunday.

Stephen; So if the Sun is out that means its Sunday?

Me; No, Stephen it still Monday and it's sunny on more days than just Sunday.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Well James is 1 of my 6 Brothers, he is also 1 of my sweetest brothers. James sits beside me at the dinner table, he is always so kind and allows momma and I to reach over him. James has been coming to the store, he loves dogs about as much as I do. Well 1 day James was sitting on the dog slide. I asked him what are you doing? He replied Me, Beau, & Coco are at the Tennessee game sitting in the box seats. James is always making us laugh. Well just though I'd drop in to the Blog World to say hi.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Oct..2006 The Munck Kids with some Friends Daryl & Larry

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Just finished the best book, "Dorie" the girl nobody loved. Do you ever feel like No one loves you? Do you ever feel that No one listens to you? Do you ever Feel like LIFE'S NOT FAIR!!! Well that is Big in my vocabulary. I'm trying to weed it out. If you asked me who is or has helped me, I'll give you some names 1st of all God next would be Mom, Dad, last but not least Dorie (the girl nobody loved.) My mom gave me this Book to read 2 weeks ago, I just got done. Dorie is a Real lady who had the worst life I've ever heard of. She went through a lot, so much I could not imagine. She went from her mother not loving her telling her how ugly she was, from foster parents beating her, to her own father disowning her. I won't go into anymore details, but I will tell you through it all she never doubted God. HE was the only one who loved her. He picked her up, loved her wiped her tears, and held her through it all. I won't tell you the end, maybe you will read it, too. I hope and pray you will. I needed this book, and NOW will totally think twice about saying ''LIEF'S NOT FAIR''. If you ever think life's not fair please, oh' please read this book. If you are a new Christian or an old Christian this book is great.

Monday, August 18, 2008

tHe TrEe!!!

I have found I'm not as little as I use to be. It all started when I looked outside at the tree I use to Climb, so I thought if I could do it then, I can do it NOW. What was I thinking! I tried and tried, but it was not going to happen. So it was time to call in the reinforcements, I went to old faithful, the Bucket. As I get the Bucket I saw Emily's Sad face so I get her as well. I attempt to Climb the tree, Rebekah comes out. ''What are you doing''? I'm Climbing the tree I replied. Let me hold Emily while you get up there. OK, this is great I'm getting up there. (I thought!) I'm on the bucket struggling to get up there. Waiting for Rebekah to laugh at me, She dose the dopiest. She starts to push my rear end. "What are you doing"!!! She says "I'm helping you out". Music to my ears, I am up. I thanked her as she gave me Emily. As I got up there and sat I thought, I needed her back then too. I love Rebekah so much shes there when I need her to give me a boost. If you have never met her you should, she is the best person to be around when your upset.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sad Sad Day!!!


Sorry I have not been on in a while. I really have problems with time. Today I get home and there is a really cute box on the table. I ask Momma if it was for me for my birthday? She said" it is for you, but your not going to like what goes in it". At this point I'm so confused, well Momma looks at James with a sad face. She says "do you want to tell her". Now I'm very confused. James looks at me and says "no I can't". Momma looks at me 1 more time with a sad face. I do not know what told me to say this but, I said "did Giselle die". Momma looks 1 more time with a sad nod. Arrow straight through the heart. She died this afternoon. On top of that William had to describe how she looked :( Now I'm in tears and go outside to see were she once played. As I sat there with Emily(our rabbit) in my arms, I think well she lived a good life and helped me along the way. Whenever I was having a bad day I would walk by her kennel and she would Squeak at me. So now all I can do is go out and play with Emily as much as I can. Now that her FRIEND is gone, too.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I am Bord so I thought I'd Share a Story With you about Will-i-am that's How I remember how to spell his name. Well yesterday I was leaning over him, and he held his head up and it my chin!!! It hurt so bad, I went to my room and sat on the Bed. Well about that time William comes in, I 'm sorry Mana, ( I'm Thinking that's Sweet ) Then he says but it didn't hurt Me!!! I said of course it didn't hurt your BIG HEAD!!!

William is Such a sweet boy, He will do anything for anyone. He is so Goofy, I love to watch him walk around on his tip toes, it cracks me up. He has the Biggest Blue Eyes. He also loves to Sing and its so Sweet. Also we can't forget his Webkinz (Rosie). I though I would just share a little bit About William.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Doggie Halloween Sleep Over!!!

Me fighting With Sage.
You can Guess who Won that Battle.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I am Alive, so sorry I have not got on in a while. I do not spred out my time real well, my mom will tell you that. Well I was going to share my fav Bible verse with ya'll.

Hebrews 13:5 ........ Be countent with what you have because God has said Never will I leave you Never will I forsake You.

This verse helps me whenever something bad happens I know God is always there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, I guess you have found out that I'm the mower (in the Fam.) Well when ever I'm on it, I loose my mind. I think of all kinds of stuff. (I know my Mother is thinking that SCARES me.) That's what she always says when I get a great IDEA!!! So not to offend anyone but my parents make all the kids do chores. And we DO NOT GET ALLOWANCE!!! This may come as a shock to some of you, we get money if we do things that are not the regular chores. I got to thinking some of my friends don't even have to make their BEDS. That Shocked me, we have to make our beds everyday. Some kids get paid to make there beds, I mean Hello, that is something you should just do. What happened to doing chores because your part of the family, and you live there? Well that's all I had to say, I'm sorry if I offended anybody. Just thought I would share a little piece of my brain. c ya :-)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cruisin in Style !


Well today I mowed the back field of the store(Great Doggie Doos.) While I was sitting minding my own business, I got to thinking what all the people riding by were thinking? Were they thinking.... that poor girl having to mow, or I would hate to have her job! I mean all these things were popping through my head. I was thinking I enjoy mowing, (which I do) and who really cares what people are thinking. I think often times we (I) fall into the trap of what people think of us. I think what if we (I) were just ourselves, instead of following others. I have heard my dad say so many times that I can quote it "Always be a leader, Not a follower." So I was thinking about mowing in a positive way, my dad won't let me start driving so mowing is good practice. In my head I was not on the mower, I was driving a Lamborghini!!! Not in the field, but on the streets of HOLLY WOOD!!! I have a dream of being A Christan Singer, you might think it's a silly dream, but I don't. So next time you pass by Great Doggie Doos and see me mowing the back field don't think poor girl. Think that girl is cruisin in style!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Giselle & Pip

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guinea Pig Trouble


Well today I thought I would be nice and let Pip (my male Guinea Pig) outside, cause people have told me they like that. I will not do that again, we have a field in back of our store (were we walk dogs.) So I let Pip out of his ball and he was fine at first till he starts to RUN OFF!!! My hart was pounding so hard, thinking I would not see him again. So I started running after him, he runs pretty fast, too. He is heading for the creek so I am like freaking out. (I know the people looking at me were laughing.) I get to the creek and scoop him up, he was under some brush. I don't know if I'm going to let Giselle (my female Guinea Pig) out:-( Giselle's new nickname is Houdini, cause she knows how to get out of the plastic ball. It's like one minuet she's there then she's gone. That was my exciting day.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday / Casting Crowns Concert!!


Well as you know by now my Family & I are on Vacation. YAY!!! Friday was so much FUN, my brothers & I played outside from noon till 4:30pm. Cookie the family dog, was home for the week. Giselle & Pip (my guinea pigs) got to stay at the store:( You see we have a store called Great Doggie Doos. It is Grooming, Boarding, & Doggie Daycare. So we got a week off, we get 2 weeks off a year. (plus holidays) Well back to Friday... we let Cookie out of the fence, the first place she headed was the creek. The little boys have a John Deer gator jeep, Cookie loves to ride in the back. Cookie also loves to fetch the ball, the good thing is she brings the ball back. We also played wiffleball. William got so angry with Cookie, he wanted Cookie to play kitchen with him. We also got to swing for awhile before I went to go get cleaned up, for the CONCERT!!!

After I got cleaned up mom went to get us Chick~fil~A, I love Chick~fil~A. We left about 6:15pm Elizabeth took a nap on the way down there. I let dad listen to some songs on the way so he would be familiar with the bands. He knew Casting Crown pretty well just not Leeland or John Waller. Elizabeth liked John Waller better then Leeland. I liked Leeland better, and Dad liked it all. It was all really good, we got home right at 11:00pm. That was my Friday!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Camp Out!


Well the camp out went well, let me tell you the Munck family knows how to Camp! We brought air mattresses, an extension cord, lap top, cell phones(to call Mom in the house) and a heater. It was only suppose to get down in the forty's. (Which is cold) but it felt like it got down in the teens. So I brought a small blanket and two pairs of socks. (praise the Lord I did.) So at three in the morning still awake. I heard dad and I said I'm ''FREEZING'' He said is Rebekah I said no she brought her down blanket, she is getting ''HOT''! I asked her if she would get close and snuggle with me. (I was really thinking could I share your blanket!) I got warmth and sleep, Rebekah got to Snuggle, it all worked out. We had PANCAKES!!!! this morning... Yummy!!!!!! So it all went well. I probably won't camp out again until this summer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

South Carolina trip


Well, I am back I had such a good time. We got to see my Aunt Anna, Uncle Brett, my Cuz Brandon, Cuz Christina & last but not least Cuz Andrew. Well we started this grand adventure on Monday.I went with My Grandma Charlotte, Aunt Karen... well Elizabeth came too. We left around 10:00 and arrived about 5:00. Aunt Anna cooked spaghetti we ate with them, then went Christina's room and talked for 2 hours, just catching up. Then we went to the hotel. Christina stayed home from school so she can hang with us for the day. We went to see Brandon's school pictures, they were in the library. They were very good, I thought . We went over the dam it was the largest man made lake. Christina said if you go to the bottom you can see farm land and old cemeteries. Then off to the MALL, yay......... by the way there mall was the bomb. Columbia I love your MALL!!! While we were in the mall we decided to go try on PROM DRESSES cause me & Elizabeth will probably not go to a prom. (unless dad comes oh' what fun) lol! So we tried them on, when we came out this lady said did they fit alright. I said no. After that we left and went to Carolina pottery. Christina & I found a chair and laid on it the whole time. We went to there house to eat, we ate Bojangles. When we were cleaning up we noticed that Brandon did not eat his potatoes, cause he did not have a fork. lol (It's OK Brandon I would have done the same thing.) then we went to watch Christina sing. She did very good. After that we went to there apartment to talk and say our good byes., we had to leave in the morning. At 11:00am we parted from Columbia, South Carolina. We did not get home till 6:15, we ran in to some traffic in North Carolina. If you have never driven through the mountains you should.We all so taught Grandma Charlotte & Aunt Karen how to text, they are getting better. We came home to find out we were having a camp out in the back yard. We said our good byes to Grandma Charlotte & Aunt Karen. I'll tell you later how the camp out went. So good night.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Blogger!


My name is Amanda, I am new at this whole blogging thing. So if it takes me a while to get in to the swing of things, I am sorry. I am not really good at the computer so it ''WILL'' take me some time. I really only know how to check my E-Mails and that's hard enough. lol

Well t2ul