Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where have you Been?

You may ask why is this post called (where have you been)? Well a lot of people asked were have you been? I am still here on the earth (physically) yet my head is some where else. Mowing season is starting back so my head goes for a loop.

To bring you up to speed we took a trip. It went really good. If you want some fun than spend time with your family, rent an RV. The one thing that was bad (other then getting stuck) was only ONE BATHROOM for 11 people, we were knocking on the door a lot. It seems that every one had to go at the same time. Mt. Rushmore was awesome and Canada was cold, and so much fun. The family we visited the Pauls' were so much like us, only big difference is they take care of farm animals, and we take care of dogs. While there Jennifer taught us how to milk cows. I helped Megan with some chores and was thankful for the job I have at home. It was much harder than I thought. Way to go Megan I can't wait till you and your family come to visit, and I can show you my work. Megan is my age, and one of the first things I asked is when your family goes out do people start counting y'all? She said yes, it was so neat to know were not the only ones. Also it was neat to see Megan, Jennifer, and Kerri make two plates (1 for their little brother and 1 for their self) it didn't make me feel so funny. So many times people look at my sisters and I funny for making 2 plates instead of 1, we see this as part of having a servants heart. The Penners friends of the Pauls' invited us to their house, they have 8 kids in their family. They were so nice, and we hope to see them next time we go to Canada. On the way home our generator broke, so we were stuck in Grand Forks ND for a few days. It was nice to have some down time(when I mean down time I mean a time to sit still and not get sick.) I got motion sickness so I had to be on meds (Dramamine) with the other 2. What do you mean other 2? Well Madison came down with strep right before we left, and Elizabeth came down with something. Also while at the Pauls' we got the throw up bug. What a trip, really to be honest I liked the RV trip better then going to Disney sorry Mickey:(

Mean while its good to be home call me Dorothy there's no place like home. I am reading a book called Hope Rising. One of my moms friends knows how much I love horses, and said I should read this book. So far it is great, I will let you know more when I'm finished. Before we left I read a 300 page book on The sinking of the Titanic. Great book if you like history read it, there were things that I had know idea happened. I cried a lot, so have something to dry your tears on. Last week was spring break for the schools, meaning we got back in the swing of things fast at work. It is so nice outside, the weather is rainy some days and sunny the next. I'm sorry for just now posting something. You see there is not enough time in the day, or I could say I don't type fast so I don't post a lot. OR truthfully maybe I'm a bit lazy and I'm a procrastinator. Whatever you want to call it I will try to post something sooner next time.