Thursday, September 4, 2008


Just finished the best book, "Dorie" the girl nobody loved. Do you ever feel like No one loves you? Do you ever feel that No one listens to you? Do you ever Feel like LIFE'S NOT FAIR!!! Well that is Big in my vocabulary. I'm trying to weed it out. If you asked me who is or has helped me, I'll give you some names 1st of all God next would be Mom, Dad, last but not least Dorie (the girl nobody loved.) My mom gave me this Book to read 2 weeks ago, I just got done. Dorie is a Real lady who had the worst life I've ever heard of. She went through a lot, so much I could not imagine. She went from her mother not loving her telling her how ugly she was, from foster parents beating her, to her own father disowning her. I won't go into anymore details, but I will tell you through it all she never doubted God. HE was the only one who loved her. He picked her up, loved her wiped her tears, and held her through it all. I won't tell you the end, maybe you will read it, too. I hope and pray you will. I needed this book, and NOW will totally think twice about saying ''LIEF'S NOT FAIR''. If you ever think life's not fair please, oh' please read this book. If you are a new Christian or an old Christian this book is great.