Monday, October 13, 2008

Friends that no one can see


Just so everyone knows we are all doing well at the Munck house. Madison, James & I were walking dogs tonight & James asked me something that at the time I thought was silly yet came out to make me think about something good.

James; Who are you talking to?

Me; My friend.

James; Who is you're friend?

Me; what do you mean who is my friend? Can you not see him?

James; No. Wait a minuet is this one of those friends you can't see.

Me; Yes it is.

James: you mean you have one of those friends too?

Me; yes I do.

Madison; what, what are we talking about. Are we talking about Jame's friend Bobbie the box turtle?

James; Yes Madison what about your friend Mr. Slurpie?

Madison; No James he's Dead.
James; What about the Baker under your bed?
Madison; No James he's Real!

I thought this was so funny. If you have not seen the movie rocket man you should. That is a Munck Favorite. We got together this September with Dad's side of the family & the whole weekend we were quoting lines from that movie. Well one thing I got to thinking about was how little kids have friends we can not see. But do we ever think about the faith they have? How they can believe in something they can not see. I got to thinking about how we (I) should talk to the Lord the way James talks to Bobbie the box turtle. Ask your self do you ever catch you're self talking to the Lord? Not even when you're alone but when you're around people? Well I just thought I'd give you something to think about.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Oct. 12th

The boys making there cakes.
The Pooch aka Cookie
The big game.
The missing tooth.


I will try to Blog everyday this week, because My Mother & 1 of my sisters are in Nicaragua. So I'm letting them know how our days are going. Today I got up at 6:45 and Dad & I went to Walmart to pick up some things. On the way we got to see 2 deer & 8 deer on the way home. We had leftover Pancakes for breakfast, then on to walk the 21 dogs that were Boarding. We brought Cookie home for a day of FUN!!!! When we got home Dad read all of us a bible story about Joseph 10:20. We were out the door & on the Golf cart for a Adventure. Can you believe we squeezed 8 kids & a pooch on a golf cart that seats 4. We were all on & had no elbow room to call our own, lol. We had to pull the boys off just for them to eat lunch. But if you know Rebekah she had something up her sleeve. She had made little cakes for them to decorate that was very messy. But like I said if you only knew Rebekah she got it all cleaned up. Then back on the Golf Cart, Only by now we were 10 kids & a pooch on a Golf Cart. We picked up the neighbor & his Friend. Now to find out Dad invited 1 of our family friends over who was wifeless also. His wife & 2 girls were on a little girls trip out. So the 2 wifeless men were sitting by the fire that dad cranked up. So all of us (the Muncks & good friend Richard King.) All sitting by the fire roasting some hot dogs, then Mr. Richard took his turn at the wheel. So now we had 8 kids 1 crazy driver and a pooch on the Golf Cart!!! (Just to remind you this golf cart SHOULD only seat 4.) We all got off safely, & to end 1 of the best days we played some badminton. Also at 7:45pm as Stephen was flossing,he lost his tooth. But the tooth fairy could not come Because it was to late, so Stephen is eager to put his tooth under his pillow tomorrow. I am tired and it is late so please excuse the spelling I hope you enjoy looking at These pix from today.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Stephen what a mess he can be sometimes. Today Stephen came to the store, he has been begging to. When he got here he, Jonathan, & I took the dogs outside, and Stephen asked me one thing that was hard for me to answer.

Stephen; Mandie Pandie is it Sunday?

Me; No, yesterday was Sunday.

Stephen; Well what day is it?

Me; Monday.

Stephen; Well the Sun is out today.

Me; Well that dose not mean today is Sunday.

Stephen; So if the Sun is out that means its Sunday?

Me; No, Stephen it still Monday and it's sunny on more days than just Sunday.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Well James is 1 of my 6 Brothers, he is also 1 of my sweetest brothers. James sits beside me at the dinner table, he is always so kind and allows momma and I to reach over him. James has been coming to the store, he loves dogs about as much as I do. Well 1 day James was sitting on the dog slide. I asked him what are you doing? He replied Me, Beau, & Coco are at the Tennessee game sitting in the box seats. James is always making us laugh. Well just though I'd drop in to the Blog World to say hi.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Oct..2006 The Munck Kids with some Friends Daryl & Larry