Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, I guess you have found out that I'm the mower (in the Fam.) Well when ever I'm on it, I loose my mind. I think of all kinds of stuff. (I know my Mother is thinking that SCARES me.) That's what she always says when I get a great IDEA!!! So not to offend anyone but my parents make all the kids do chores. And we DO NOT GET ALLOWANCE!!! This may come as a shock to some of you, we get money if we do things that are not the regular chores. I got to thinking some of my friends don't even have to make their BEDS. That Shocked me, we have to make our beds everyday. Some kids get paid to make there beds, I mean Hello, that is something you should just do. What happened to doing chores because your part of the family, and you live there? Well that's all I had to say, I'm sorry if I offended anybody. Just thought I would share a little piece of my brain. c ya :-)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cruisin in Style !


Well today I mowed the back field of the store(Great Doggie Doos.) While I was sitting minding my own business, I got to thinking what all the people riding by were thinking? Were they thinking.... that poor girl having to mow, or I would hate to have her job! I mean all these things were popping through my head. I was thinking I enjoy mowing, (which I do) and who really cares what people are thinking. I think often times we (I) fall into the trap of what people think of us. I think what if we (I) were just ourselves, instead of following others. I have heard my dad say so many times that I can quote it "Always be a leader, Not a follower." So I was thinking about mowing in a positive way, my dad won't let me start driving so mowing is good practice. In my head I was not on the mower, I was driving a Lamborghini!!! Not in the field, but on the streets of HOLLY WOOD!!! I have a dream of being A Christan Singer, you might think it's a silly dream, but I don't. So next time you pass by Great Doggie Doos and see me mowing the back field don't think poor girl. Think that girl is cruisin in style!