Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Giselle & Pip

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guinea Pig Trouble


Well today I thought I would be nice and let Pip (my male Guinea Pig) outside, cause people have told me they like that. I will not do that again, we have a field in back of our store (were we walk dogs.) So I let Pip out of his ball and he was fine at first till he starts to RUN OFF!!! My hart was pounding so hard, thinking I would not see him again. So I started running after him, he runs pretty fast, too. He is heading for the creek so I am like freaking out. (I know the people looking at me were laughing.) I get to the creek and scoop him up, he was under some brush. I don't know if I'm going to let Giselle (my female Guinea Pig) out:-( Giselle's new nickname is Houdini, cause she knows how to get out of the plastic ball. It's like one minuet she's there then she's gone. That was my exciting day.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday / Casting Crowns Concert!!


Well as you know by now my Family & I are on Vacation. YAY!!! Friday was so much FUN, my brothers & I played outside from noon till 4:30pm. Cookie the family dog, was home for the week. Giselle & Pip (my guinea pigs) got to stay at the store:( You see we have a store called Great Doggie Doos. It is Grooming, Boarding, & Doggie Daycare. So we got a week off, we get 2 weeks off a year. (plus holidays) Well back to Friday... we let Cookie out of the fence, the first place she headed was the creek. The little boys have a John Deer gator jeep, Cookie loves to ride in the back. Cookie also loves to fetch the ball, the good thing is she brings the ball back. We also played wiffleball. William got so angry with Cookie, he wanted Cookie to play kitchen with him. We also got to swing for awhile before I went to go get cleaned up, for the CONCERT!!!

After I got cleaned up mom went to get us Chick~fil~A, I love Chick~fil~A. We left about 6:15pm Elizabeth took a nap on the way down there. I let dad listen to some songs on the way so he would be familiar with the bands. He knew Casting Crown pretty well just not Leeland or John Waller. Elizabeth liked John Waller better then Leeland. I liked Leeland better, and Dad liked it all. It was all really good, we got home right at 11:00pm. That was my Friday!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Camp Out!


Well the camp out went well, let me tell you the Munck family knows how to Camp! We brought air mattresses, an extension cord, lap top, cell phones(to call Mom in the house) and a heater. It was only suppose to get down in the forty's. (Which is cold) but it felt like it got down in the teens. So I brought a small blanket and two pairs of socks. (praise the Lord I did.) So at three in the morning still awake. I heard dad and I said I'm ''FREEZING'' He said is Rebekah I said no she brought her down blanket, she is getting ''HOT''! I asked her if she would get close and snuggle with me. (I was really thinking could I share your blanket!) I got warmth and sleep, Rebekah got to Snuggle, it all worked out. We had PANCAKES!!!! this morning... Yummy!!!!!! So it all went well. I probably won't camp out again until this summer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

South Carolina trip


Well, I am back I had such a good time. We got to see my Aunt Anna, Uncle Brett, my Cuz Brandon, Cuz Christina & last but not least Cuz Andrew. Well we started this grand adventure on Monday.I went with My Grandma Charlotte, Aunt Karen... well Elizabeth came too. We left around 10:00 and arrived about 5:00. Aunt Anna cooked spaghetti we ate with them, then went Christina's room and talked for 2 hours, just catching up. Then we went to the hotel. Christina stayed home from school so she can hang with us for the day. We went to see Brandon's school pictures, they were in the library. They were very good, I thought . We went over the dam it was the largest man made lake. Christina said if you go to the bottom you can see farm land and old cemeteries. Then off to the MALL, yay......... by the way there mall was the bomb. Columbia I love your MALL!!! While we were in the mall we decided to go try on PROM DRESSES cause me & Elizabeth will probably not go to a prom. (unless dad comes oh' what fun) lol! So we tried them on, when we came out this lady said did they fit alright. I said no. After that we left and went to Carolina pottery. Christina & I found a chair and laid on it the whole time. We went to there house to eat, we ate Bojangles. When we were cleaning up we noticed that Brandon did not eat his potatoes, cause he did not have a fork. lol (It's OK Brandon I would have done the same thing.) then we went to watch Christina sing. She did very good. After that we went to there apartment to talk and say our good byes., we had to leave in the morning. At 11:00am we parted from Columbia, South Carolina. We did not get home till 6:15, we ran in to some traffic in North Carolina. If you have never driven through the mountains you should.We all so taught Grandma Charlotte & Aunt Karen how to text, they are getting better. We came home to find out we were having a camp out in the back yard. We said our good byes to Grandma Charlotte & Aunt Karen. I'll tell you later how the camp out went. So good night.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Blogger!


My name is Amanda, I am new at this whole blogging thing. So if it takes me a while to get in to the swing of things, I am sorry. I am not really good at the computer so it ''WILL'' take me some time. I really only know how to check my E-Mails and that's hard enough. lol

Well t2ul